Your Way: Sophisticated Chic

So we’ve seen our girl for the week rock the look, and we’ve seen Tom Ford make the look.  Now let’s figure out how to wear the look ourselves!




So our first look is our classic blazer.  The combo of black and maroon could cause the look to seem a little too stuffy and CEO-ish.  Even with the cropped top it can still give off that feel.  The denim especially distressed will dress the outfit right down to where it needs to be without making the blazer look out of place.

blazer  jeans  top  shoes  bag

The second look is the winter white, though not entirely the pure white.  The white jumpsuit differs in color just enough to go with the off-white of the sweater and coat, but they are also close enough to white to keep up the theme of winter white.

jumpsuit  sweater  coat  booties

Pop back over here tomorrow for a sweet treat related to our inspo for the week! mwah


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