This Week’s Inspo: TARAJI P. HENSON


Taraji P. Henson, a woman that I knew little to absolutely nothing about. That was until I watched the Golden Globes.  She stunned in her  white Stella McCartney gown complete with a cape laden with my favorite characteristic: sass. That was what initially caught my eye. Then her name was called for Best Actress in a TV Drama, and she started passing out cookies to everyone and I knew this woman and I would get along just nicely.

Miss Henson won her Golden Globe for her notorious role as Cookie in the hit show Empire.  While Empire  is a show that I have never watched, I did catch myself up on the best Cookie moments from the show (just watch and learn ) , and let me tell you, girlfriend slays. The personality Henson brings to Cookie can solely explain to me why she won her Globe. Like come on.

So what’s the inspiration for this week? Well the devil is in the details and this weeks details are all found in the stitching. See ya tomorrow, mwah



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